The 6th North West International Piano Ensemble Competition (2018)

for Piano Duet (One Piano, Four Hands)  &
Piano Duo (Two Pianos, Four Hands)

Competition Dates

November 23 ~ 25, 2018

Junior Division (ages up to 12): CAD $150 per team
Intermediate Division (ages 13 to 18): CAD $250 per team
Senior Division (ages 19 to 30): CAD $300 per team

Click here for a list of required documents that must be accompanied with your application submission. Please submit all required items before the deadline below.

Application Deadline: August 31st, 2018


This competition has been birthed from a desire to provide opportunities for talented and advanced piano ensembles to have a platform for their performance of duets and duos. Piano students are encouraged to explore the vast repertoire of music, other than arrangements, that is available for such performances.


Many serious students of the piano have experienced the desire to play with other musicians and to enjoy the social aspect and camaraderie of music making.  Piano playing, though by itself  a great art with much deep satisfaction, can be lonely at times.  Therefore, since the time of Mozart, piano duets and duos have been a regular creative means of engaging in music-making with someone(s) else.  This competition is the only one of its kind in Canada and should be viewed as a great chance to show what can be done when two talents unite in one exhilarating performance.


This competition started in 2009, and has had five successful returns since then. It runs every second year, the next being in November 2018. There are three categories, based on age groups. The junior (up to age 12), intermediate (age 13 to 18), and senior (age 19 to 30) categories have attracted very gifted pianists from several continents, and across Canada. We are proud to say that some of the past contestants have gone on to do professional careers and have performed with major orchestras and attended universities and conservatories both at home and abroad.

Our judges have been from Europe and North America and have contributed to attract great talent. The Bergmann Duo, Professor T. N. Baynov, Jeroen van Veen, Dr. Terence Dawson and Linda Lee Thomas were much appreciated for their international reputation and the high standard they placed in this competition.

The Fourth North West International Piano Ensemble Competition (2014)
"The Northwest International Piano Ensemble Competition has been one of my most precious memories along my musical journey. It is a rare opportunity that I am so grateful to have had in my life."
Angeni Wang
1st Place, 2014
"To participate in the only piano ensemble competition in Canada is truly a remarkable opportunity and experience that I will treasure for a lifetime"
Arthur Wang
1st Place, 2014

Mayor Gregor Robertson's Letter of Support

“On behalf of my colleagues on Vancouver City Council, I am pleased to extend my greetings to everyone attending the 6th North West International Piano Ensemble Competition hosted by the North West Piano Ensemble Society (NWPES).

This North West Piano Ensemble Society was formed in 2006 in order to provide an opportunity for talented amateur pianists to explore the piano duet and piano duo repertoire and to demonstrate both, to themselves and audiences, the rich legacy of this type of piano music. The experience of playing as teams is very worthy and helpful to young performers. This competition is the only one of its kind in Canada and we are so proud to host it in Vancouver.

I would like to welcome everyone to this competition. Participants have come from Asia, Europe, across Canada and, of course, locally. We are fortunate in Vancouver to have a thriving arts community and we all agree that music is a wonderful way to bridge the gaps between cultures and ages.

I wish all the participants the best of luck for a successful and enjoyable competition.”

Thank You!

Without the generous support of our sponsors and donors, we would not be where we are today.

The NWPES is a registered non-profit organization and we rely on the support of the community to help us make the competition as successful as it is. We invite you to get involved, whether it be as a volunteer, donor, or sponsor.