Am I eligible for this competition?

Any person worldwide who fits the Competition’s age requirements is eligible.
Participants must be able to provide citizenship information and pay the related fees for their division.

Can the age of participants be averaged?

No. The age of each participant must fit within the age requirements for each division.

Are arrangements allowed?

No arrangements. Originals only.

What is the general level of difficulty?
Is there stipulation on the difficulty the chosen pieces have to have in order to qualify for the competition?

Concert-level repertoire. The repertoire must be suitable to play in a professional concert hall.
There is no qualification condition based on difficulty level. This is the decision for the student and teacher make. It is not the difficulty that wins a prize but the performance overall. Of course, the choice of music always has impact on results. This is true for any competition.

How long will the required piece be approximately, so that I can plan my performance program?

The required piece will be kept short, likely no longer that 2 or 3 minutes. Please calculate the timing based on this. Remember the title of the piece will be make public in July this year.

Where could I look for good music for this competition?

There are numerous lists of duets and duos available on IMSLP. The following books may also be of help:
– THE PIANO DUET – A GUIDE FOR PIANISTS by Ernest Lubin; Grossman Publishers, New York 1970.
– MUSIC FOR MORE THAN ONE PIANO by Maurice Hinson; Indiana Univ. Press; Bloomington 1983.

Will travel, housing, etc. be accommodated for?

No. The travel and living arrangements are the responsibilities of the participants.

Will there be opportunity for rehearsal?

The organizers will do everything possible to make rehearsal possible.
However, rehearsal in the hall may be restricted.

My question hasn't been answered!

If there are specific questions, please contact us and we will try to answer with an appropriate answer.