Join us for the tribute concert for the founder and long-time president, Mr. Winfried Rompf, and his beloved wife Mrs. Margarete Rompf.

This concert will be held live, in-person at the Immanuel Baptist Church (109 East 40th Ave, Vancouver) on April 30th, 2022, and live-streamed on YouTube. Entry is free, while a donation to the North West Piano Ensemble Society is much appreciated.

With a very heavy heart, we announce the passing of our founder and longtime president, Mr. Winfried Rompf and his beloved wife, Mrs. Margarete Rompf. Winfried Rompf devoted countless hours to promoting the playing of piano ensemble music, in not only Vancouver, but many places internationally. We will miss his dedication, expertise, passion, and joyful presence. Margarete Rompf was the greatest supporter of her husband and the music society. Her love and support greatly helped Winfried Rompf to live his dream and succeed in his musical endeavours. Together as a power duo, they have touched many lives with those that live a truly successful musical career. 

The North West Piano Ensemble Society will continue the legacy that Winfried Rompf created. His spirit will eternally live on through the Society.

In this concert, the NWPES has invited the family, friends, colleagues, and students of Mr. Winfried Rompf to perform. Formats include piano solo, duet, trio, and collaborations with other instruments.

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