Planning for the 7th NWIPEC is in progress!

The success of the last competition still rings in our ears.

Thanks to the excellent competitors and the judges who excelled in their professional judgement and their willingness to meet all the participants in a special Debriefing Master Class.

All that came felt this to be a very informative and educational session.

With the adrenaline still rushing, we have started on the preparations for the next competition—that is, the 7th NWIPEC! As the NWIPEC grows each year, we have learned a lot from the 6th NWIPEC and will be bringing these into consideration for the upcoming competition in 2020.

Planning will include:

  • revised rules and regulations
  • new information on the required piece for each category
  • own choice repertoire
  • timing for the rounds and the final award event
  • some new and innovative ideas

We are excited to proceed with the these revisions, and look forward to an even greater competition, more participants and more interest in the field of piano duet, duo, and ensemble.

Inquiries and suggestions are always welcome.
Please send them to:
Winfried (Win) Rompf
President, North West Piano Ensemble Society

Raising funds for the 7th NWIPEC

The organizers are currently engaged in the fundraising for our next competition. We are seeking sponsors, donors, and interested parties. There is information on sponsorship below. Please connect with us, as we are a charity with privilege to issue tax receipts.

Your help and support will make the opportunity available for talented young pianists to compete for prize money totaling $10,000. This is bound to be a great help to further their educational pursuits.

For more details on how you can help support us, please click on the button below to learn more.