Past Winners


To Be Announced


Junior Division
1st Place: Erich Herchen & Riley Ngo (Calgary, AB, Canada)
2nd Place: Vincent and Edward Gao (Burnaby, BC, Canada)
3rd Place: Kelly Chan & Angelica Chen (Surrey/Maple Ridge, BC, Canada)
Senior Division
1st Place: no first prize
2nd Place and Audience Choice Award: Zi Meng & Dongni Cui (China)
3rd Place:  Sheldon Leung & Eva Hodge (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


Junior Division
1st Place: Arthur and Angeni Wang
2nd Place: Vicky Wang and Wayne Tse
3rd Place: Sabrina Yu and Sydney Lai
4th Place: Jack Le and Edward Su
Senior Division
1st Place (Duet): Pearl-Lynne Chen and Carlisle Anderson-Frank
2nd Place and Audience Choice Award (Duo): Daria Fedorova and Ilya Takser
3rd Place (Duo): Deborah Grimmett and Iman Habibi