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"The North West Piano Ensemble Competition brings world-class judges who challenge me to embrace different interpretations in their master classes."
Amanda Chan
Intermediate Division, 1st Place, 2018
"To me, what makes North West Piano Ensemble Competition a truly unique and enjoyable experience is the friendliness and spirit of its staff and volunteers who are all committed to fostering and promoting talent."
Skyler Chan
Intermediate Division, 1st Place, 2018
"A platform where you will not only be up against international standards, but also have the opportunity to reach out to the community, sharing the common passion for piano ensemble music."
Gabriel Hoe
Senior Division, 3rd Place, 2018
"Thank you for hosting this wonderful competition. You provided us the rare opportunities to perform and share piano duet and duo repertoire we worked so hard on!"
Jessica Lee
Senior Division, 2nd Place & Best Required Work, 2018
"The Northwest International Piano Ensemble Competition has been one of my most precious memories along my musical journey. It is a rare opportunity that I am so grateful to have had in my life."
Angeni Wang
1st Place, 2014
"To participate in the only piano ensemble competition in Canada is truly a remarkable opportunity and experience that I will treasure for a lifetime."
Arthur Wang
1st Place, 2014
"This competition guided me into a new world of piano music, encouraged me to further develop my technical skills, and allowed me to experience the joy of making music with a friend."
Raymond Zeng
1st Place, 2012
"The North West International Piano Ensemble Competition encourages aspiring pianists (in piano duet/piano duo ensemble) to compete, perform and continue their journey of mastery. Each year, the level of the Competition surges forward, with international jury members and very high quality competitors. I highly recommend it and I only wished it had been around sooner."
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